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e-Granthalaya : A Digital Agenda For Library Automation and Networking - is an Integrated Library Management Software from National Informatics Centre,(NIC), Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. The software has been developed by a team of experts from software as well as Library and Information Science discipline. The software is useful for automation of in-house activities of libraries and to provide various online member services. The software provides built-in Web OPAC interface to publish the library catalog over Internet. The software is  UNICODE Compliant ,thus, supports data entry in local languages. Latest version of e-Granthalaya i.e. Ver.4.0 is a 'Cloud Ready Application' and provides a Web-based data entry solution in enterprise mode with a centralized database for cluster of libraries. e-Granthalaya 4.0 uses PostgreSQL - an Open Source DBMS as back-end database solution. e-Granthalaya 4.0 is made availab in NIC National Cloud for Government Libraries on request basis with free hosting of application and databases for online access.


e-Granthalaya was started as an in-house project at 'Karnataka State Centre of NIC, Bangalore' and first version of the software was designed for the Public Libraries in the State. Later, NIC HQs 'Library and Information Services Division' took over the designing of the software where library professionals were involved in the designing process and, thus, improved the software with enhanced user interface and simplify the work-flow of library functions so that it can suit to all kinds of libraries. Following table shows the release of various versions of the software:

Technology/Platform used




Visual Basic 6/ASP/HTML 1.0


MS SQL Server 7
Visual Basic 6/ASP/HTML 2.0 2005 MS SQL Server 2000
VB.NET/ASP.NET 2.0 3.0 2007 MS SQL Server 2005
ASP.NET 4.0/AJAX/JQUERY/JSON/SilverLight 4.0 2015 PostGreSQL-an Open Source DBMS

System Requirements

Hosting in NIC National Cloud :

  • Application is hosted in VMs (Virtual Machines) in the NIC National Cloud.

  • Hosting as per NIC Hosting Policy, presently hosting is free for Government Libraries.

  • DBMS: Postgresql - an Open Source DBMS.

  • Application is accessed Online from Desktops in Libraries where High-Speed Internet Connectivity is required.


Software Components

e-Granthalaya 4.0 contains following components:

  • Database (Separate database for each library cluster)

  • e-Granthalaya 4.0 Application

  • Crystal Reports Executables

  • Z39.50 Libraries

Distribution Policy

The software is provided at no charge to the Government and Government Funded/Aided Organizations. The support is given by email/phone/VC/remote access, etc.  The on-site training, Data Entry, Migration, and dedicated support, etc are provided on payment basis by the NICSI Emapnelment Agencies. Hosting in NIC National Cloud as per NIC hosting policy, no charging from Government Libraries.

How to Get Software?


The e-Granthalaya software 4.0 Online Account may be get from NIC by sending an official letter on letter head duly signed by User Authority along with duly filled request form. The Request Form for Online Access of eG4 can be downloaded from here... . Those Organizations / departments / ministries / institutions where many libraries exist at various locations/cities in the country (cluster of Libraries) may write to DG(NIC) for getting an organizational online account to access e-Granthalaya 4.0 for data entry and other online services with a separate database/Cluster. For Academic Libraries (Colleges / Schools / Polytechnics, etc.) , it is advised to get a separate Cluster/Database on NIC Cloud. Such academic libraries are requested to get submit demand for separate cluster by their Directorate in the corresponding states. For example, All Polytecnics in the State must submit request to DG(NIC) from Directorate of Technical Education. Individual School/College/Polytechnics request will not be processed.  Those organizations where Internet Connectivity is not available and wish to get old version i.e. Ver..3.0 may download Request From from Here. .

Features At a Glance

  • Uses PostgreSQL - an Open Source DBMS as well as free edition of MS SQL Server (Any version).

  • Provides Web-based Data Entry Solution

  • UNICODE Compliant, supports data entry in local language

  • Module - Wise Permission to the software Users

  • Work-flow as per Indian Libraries

  • Retro-Conversion as well as Full Cataloging Modes of Data Entry

  • Authority Files/ Master tables for Authors, Publishers, Subjects, etc

  • Multi-Vol, Multi-Copy and Child-Parent Relationship pattern

  • Download Catalog Records from Internet

  • Z39.50 Client Search Built-in

  • Exhaustive Reports for Print

  • Export Records in CSV/Text File/MARC 21/MARC XML/ISO:2709/MS ACCESS/EXCEL formats

  • Merger databases into Single Database

  • Common/Centralized Database for All libraries under One Organization, minimize data entry

  • Main/Branch Libraries Acquisition/Cataloging

  • Print Accession Register

  • Search Module built-in with basic/advance/boolean parameters

  • Library Statistics Reports

  • CAS/SDI Services and Documentation Bulletin

  • Updated Regulalry with enhanced Features

  • Compact/Summary/Detailed Reports Option

  • Generate Bibliography in AACR2

  • Data Entry Statistics Built-In

  • Full Text News Clipping Services Built-in

  • Digital Library integration with uploading / downloading of pdf/html/Tiff, etc documents

  • Micro-Documents Manger (Articles/Chapter Indexing) with uploading of full-text articles in pdf/html format

  • SERIALS Control System for Subscription with Auto-Generate Schedule

  • Budget Modules with Bill Register Generation, manages Multi-Budget Head

  • Import Data from any structured Source (MARC21/EXCEL)

  • Well exhaustive Web Based OPAC Interface with separate Membership module

  • Multi-copies of Accession No can be accessioned in bulk with single click with Auto-Accession Number.

  • Manages e-Books with digital files in pdf or other formats, provides facilities of e-Book Viewer.

  • Photo Gallery available for uploading photo and pictures of the organizations - published on the Library Web site.

  • Manages Meta data for Non-Book Materialas also Includes database fields for Legal documents thus equally suitable to Law Libraries also.

How To Access e-Granthalaya 4.0 On Cloud?

Once library gets an Online Account of e-Granthalaya 4.0 from NIC then user may access the application thorugh http://egranthalaya.nic.in e-Granthalaya 4.0 - LIVE link may be clicked and then Select the Cluster - then Login

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Training Announcement

  • 3-Days Workshop on e-Granthalaya at ZIET, Chandigarh, during 15-17 december 2015
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