Privacy Policy of e-Granthalaya App

National Informatics Centre (NIC), Government of India  has developed a Digital Platform to be used by Government Libraries in the country to convert traditional Libraries to e-Libraries. The platform provides ICT Tools and software, Cloud Hosting and Agency support required to computerize the Libraries in Government Institutions.
Subject of the Application: This application is related with the computericzation of Government Libraries and thus, academic in nature. The core subject of the Application is EDUCATION. This App is not designed for children.

Target Users: The application is used in Libraries and thus, the target users are students, teachers, researchers and book lovers.

Service Providers: NIC is a Premier Information Technology Organisation under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India providing State_of_Art Solutions for Information Management and Decision Support in Government Sector. A number of Services are being provided by NIC to all the Government Ministries / Departments / States / Districts.

App Contents: The content provided through the App includes catalog of the books, e-books of scholar in nature and does not provide any offensive materials.

Data Collection: The data which is accessed through this app included catalog of books and e-Books and data are entered by concerned libraries. The data includes books catalog, e-books and member personal details. It is the sole responsibility of Libraries to maintain the data entered and provided thorugh APP. NIC does not provide any kind of contents in this app, rather contens are generated by libraries. The members data details are not shared with any other agencies and are used for academic services only.

Legal Compliance: The data, API and other components used in e-Granthalaya App are compliant with the National and International Online and ICT Privacy and Protection Ac, Data Protection Regulation Act , and any other applicable laws or regulations.