Guidelines and Instructions

National Informatics Centre (NIC) provides free hosting facilities to host their catalog in a shared database. Initially, such faclity will be provided to those libraries only which are using e-Granthalaya Software for automation. In this way, a Union Catalog will be available in public domain to search / find /locate the books in a library.

To host the catalog in NIC server, individual library needs to send us an official letter along with duly filled Request Form. The Request Form will contains the basic data about the library / organization in both (Regional Language as well as English) the languages.

The requesting library will provide the following data in the Request Form (in Doc format):-

1. Library Name (ENG)
2. Library Name (RL)
3. Organization Name (ENG)
4. Organization Name (RL)
5. Govt. Ministry/Department Name in both ENG and Regional Language
6. Address in both ENG and RL
7. Library FAX/PHONE/EMAIL, etc
8. In-Charge Name
9. Library Timing / Type of Library (Govt/Academic/Special/Public/Private)

10. Library Logo must be sent by email
11. Library Photo may also be sent to upload on the homepage
12. Library Services - a paragraph with 4000 letters
13. Parent Organization Address, Logo, Photo, Introduction, Services, etc must be given properly

NIC certifies that the data will be published in public domain without any commercial use.

Library Catalog will also be available for download by e-Granthalaya Users using built-in API in the eG Client Program. The data can also be downloaded in MARC/MARCXML format for later use.

This site provides the facility to register the user/member to avail the Download facility, plus some other facilities.

Please contact us for any query/feedback

e-Granthalaya Project
A-Block, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi -110 003 (INDIA)

RL = Regional Language data in UNICODE fonts Only