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  • Useful Site
    By: Santanu Das, Student, G F College, dated» 22/03/2020

  • I visited website and finding "eGranthalaya" as top of main project, Congratulations for this achievement also with Great success of launched Mobile App.
    By: Naveen Rohilla, , IT, dated» 18/03/2020

    Reply: Thank You Naveen

  • Sir, We are firm of Chartered Accountants and we need to always be in touch with current Government policy and working. Kindly Guide us if we as a third party can register here. Thanks and Regards
    By: Suresh Kumar Somani, Chartered Accountant, HUMS & Associates, dated» 21/01/2020

    Reply: The data provided on this platform belong to various govt libraries and u can approach these libraries for becoming guest member then u can access all services.

  • Is there any option for bio-metric attendance by using students ID card with barcode in eG4 ???
    By: Rama K, Librarian, Government First Grade College Bettampady, dated» 18/01/2020

    Reply: Bio-metic attandance presently not there, however, if required then it can be added any time.

  • i want to know about the no-govt. CBSE school can use the E-granthalaya softwafre.
    By: Rakesh Mog, School Librarian, Brilliant Stars School, dated» 21/11/2019

    Reply: e-Granthalaya is implemented in Govt. Schools only.

  • Incoming training programme of e-granthalya software should be put up on website before one month ago.
    By: purushottam lal sahu, Librarian, Thakur Pyarelal state institute of Panchayat & Rural Development, Nimora, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, dated» 05/11/2019

    Reply: Sure

  • Captcha is not appearing in Egranthalaya 4.0 ...please suggest needful to rectify the same.
    By: Harsh, HMT, MCEME, dated» 27/08/2019

    Reply: done

  • Here library head coperates and guides prudently and satisfy the urge of keen researcher.
    By: EKTA MEHTA, research scholar, cuh, dated» 06/08/2019

    Reply: This is objective of this project.

  • In eg4 while issuing a reserved book against another member who has not reserved the same book, the book is getting issued without showing any warning message. Its creating difficulties, sometimes unknowingly reserved book may be issued to some another member. kindly go through this matter.
    By: Dileep Kumar C P, TGT-Library Science, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, dated» 21/06/2019

    Reply: This feature has been enabled now

  • Present librarian was transferred, so it is difficult to get books from the library, and the APPSC released notifications, so it is useful to aspirants to get books from the library, so plz appoint librarian as early as possible... Thanking u sir.
    By: G Raju, , Self employed, dated» 02/02/2019

    Reply: Plz contact concerned library authority.

  • is it possible to print/issue No Due Certificate to the Library Users/Members in eg4? if yes, then in which module it is available? in the Library Administrator module- Notice Board option is there. but how do the library members notified when we post Notices? trough their email or through web OPAC?
    By: venkatesh, librarian, MPMGFGC Karkala, dated» 10/10/2018

    Reply: No Due Certificate has been added recently in Circulation module

  • Incoming training programme of egranthalya software should be put up on website
    By: Major Singh, Asst. Librarian, GNDEC, Ludhiana, dated» 28/09/2018

  • we want e granthalay software in our library . I am interested to attend our workshops ....etc
    By: Mr.Amol Dattatray Garware, librariaan, nehru wachanalay mayani maharashtra......taluka b level public library, dated» 10/09/2018

    Reply: Plz send ur request in mail at

  • Sir our institute have pubic library named Mahatma Gandhi Public Library, Naded Bidar Road, Near Raymond Showroom,Udgir Dist Latur 413517 , so we need cd of e granthalaya software for single pc for the public library. please send detail
    By: Pensalwar Laxmikant Balaji, Librarian, Maharashtra Udayagiri Mahavidyalaya, dated» 03/09/2018

    Reply: CD based version has been stopped and now cloud based version is being implemented for which u need to pay some amount. Plz read details at our site.

  • Sir, how can I add gifted periodicals in Serial Module, by bifurcating acquisition procedures.
    By: Dileep Kumar C P, TGT-Library Science, JNV, dated» 03/09/2018

    Reply: U need to complete all the steps as in case of subscribed serials except that U NEED to SELECT ACQUISITION MODE as GIFTED from drop-dwon.

  • Respected Sir/Madam How to delete all data form Egranthalya
    By: Satish Kumar Soni, Librarian, GGNIMT Ludhiana, dated» 16/08/2018

    Reply: Better to replace database with blank database.

  • how to search publication year wise books in order

    Reply: Once u search by any keyword in any field the results appear - then u can filter by YEAR of publications.

  • Sir, I could not access my library due to user id and password which is not correct. Please try to provide me new user id and password.
    By: Rajesh Mahawar, LIBRARIAN, KVS, dated» 04/08/2018

    Reply: Plz discuss the issue at our help desk at 011-24305489

  • what is e granthalaya version 4.o our library wants to install it free of cost for govt of india deptt /office libraries or paid service.
    By: sushil kumar dhar, SSO and library incharge, CEA, dated» 30/07/2018

    Reply: eG4 is implemented in Govt libraries only where Rs.21275/= are charged. plz read details at our site.

  • आदरणीय श्री आर. के. मटोरिया सर एवं ई-ग्रंथालय टीम, आज दिनांंक 24/07/2018 को जब मैंने ई-ग्रंथालय 3.0 को स्टार्ट किया तो SQL से लिंंक न होने के कारण मैंने SQL को लोगिन किया वहाँ मुझे अपने डाटाबेस "ग्रंंथ" के सस्पेक्ट होने का पता चला जिससे थोड़ा असहज हो गया। वैसे मै प्रत्येक शनिवार को डाटाबेस का बैकअप लेता रहता हूँ। लेकिन सोमवार का सरकुलेशन अधिक था। फिर मैंने टीम ई-ग्रंंथालय को फोन किया और बहुत अच्छा रेस्पोंस मैडम किया। और कोई चार-पांच मिनट में न सिर्फ मेरी समस्या सुलझा दी बल्कि जिस शिद्दत के साथ श्री मटोरिया सर व ई-ग्रंंथालय टीम कार्य कर रही है उन सभी को ह्र्दय से बहुत बहुत आभार व अभिनंदन। शुक्रिया
    By: Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Librarian, Kendriya Vidyalaya AFS BKT Lucknow, dated» 24/07/2018

    Reply: Plz read last chapter of eG3 user manual where solution of such situations have been given or call at our help desk no.

  • Kindly guide how to install 3.0 e-Granthalaya in second computer.

    Reply: Plz read eG3 Installation guide or call at 011-24305487. In the 2nd Computer u need to install eG3 Client Only and then make the connectivity - database server IP of first PC where DB is residing.

  • Sir At present I am using e-granthalaya 3.0 ver. software. Now I have got a new Pc which as window 10 and 64 bits. Now could I run this e-granthalaya software 3.0 ver in this PC
    By: geetha, librarian, Department of technical education, dated» 25/01/2018

    Reply: Yes, eG3 runs well on Win 7 / 8.1/10. in 64 bit PC SQL Server needs to be installed manually and database restore is also to be done manually for which guides are available in Cd and a our web site. U can give remote acces of ur PC at 011-24305489 to get it installed by us.

  • it is very good software . i used from last year. eg3 64 bit installation is small problem remaining every thing is good.service is also very good

    Reply: Thanks

  • Very Helpful software for library automation
    By: Naveen, Sr. Software Developer, dated» 28/12/2017

    Reply: Thanks

  • Very helpful software
    By: Naveen, Developer, NIC, dated» 28/12/2017

    Reply: Thanks